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Alanis Persad Omar

Alanis Omar cousin of Shiva Persad was born on March, 21 st 2003, a child very energetic and full of life, the only child of Pearl Persad and Edwin Omar.

It was a normal day for everyone on June, 14 th 2003 when disaster struck. Alanis and her mom were going home on 129 th Street between Atlantic and 95 th Avenue, when Alanis spied her father across the street in front of there home around 7.00pm with great strength and vigor the feisty baby girl 2 years and 4months old tucked lose of her mothers hand and darted across the street between two parked vehicles her mother tried in vain to recapture her but she was to swift for her mother. The driver of a Lincoln Town car unconcerned about Alana’s plight driving at a speed of about 35 m.p.h. struck the child as she ran across the street her parents together with her uncle Wayne Persad and other relatives watched in horror at the tragic scene unfolding within there very sight and helpless to prevent the accident from occurring.

She was dragged under the car in front of the wheels for about 54 ft before the driver stopped the vehicle the baby was pinned under the wheels of the vehicle. Her dad and uncle rushed immediately to help the still body of their loving daughter she had turned completely blue with blood flowing from her mouth her head and other parts of her body, her uncle called her name she looked up for a second and then went unconscious, 911 was called immediately for assistance.

Luckily at the scene a neighbor who live close by was a paramedic when she heard the commotion she raced to assist the baby, she helped to cut the clothes from under the wheel and held her head and waited for the ambulance. The ambulance came in the blink of an eye and Alanis Omar was rushed to Jamaica Hospital in Queens to be treated her parents not knowing if she was dead or alive.

Alanis mom Pearl when the accident occurred fell

On the road trying to get to her daughter with no avail she was only seeing the top half of her daughters body she was not seeing the other half which was being hidden from her view by the wheels of the car and she taught her baby was decapitated in half. Could you imagine the horrific nightmare at that time for this poor mom whose only child was being snatched from her through some faith? She was completely devastated and was also taken to the hospital for news of her child.

On arriving at the Hospital Alanis was put on the life support machine where a team of doctors and nurse attended to her instantly she was diagnose with massive head trauma and internal bleeding she was not responding to anything. At the hospital they did not have the facilities to treat her, so she had to be transported to Cornell New York Hospital one of the best hospitals for neurology to be treated. A special team of nurse and a doctor from Cornell versed with this kind of trauma together with an equipped ambulance was send to Jamaica Hospital to transport Alanis to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Cornell for treatment. She was in a very critical condition upon addition.

On Wednesday 14 th June Alanis undergone emergency surgery to her liver to prevent hemorrhaging , also a probe was inserted in her head to drain the fluid and blood from it and to check the pressure of her head which was very high and risky for her.

At this time Alanis Omar is still in a very critical condition at the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at the Cornell Hospital .