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I was born on March 3rd, 2001 at Harlem Hospital Lennox Avenue, New York.During my mom pregnancy she went for regular check up by the doctors and they told her everything was fine, she had an Amniocythesis done to determine if I was going to be born normal or not. They told her the test came back negative for any defects, she also had numerous sonograms performed on her by the technicans and they all told her that I was a healthy baby growing within my mothers womb and believe me she was very happy.Unfortunately for her that was not true I was not as healthy as they all said. This stroy I am going to reveal to everyone is one of the most heart breaking and terrifying nightmares my parents and relatives encounter when I came into this world.

Five hours after delivery the doctors came and told my dad that I had turned completely blue that something was wrong with my heart and they didnot have the equipment to take care of me at Harlem Hospital where I was born I had to be transported to New York Presbyterian Hospital also known as Babies Hospital to be treated.

Imagine the shocking expression on my father's face when he has to tell my mom this sad news. When dad told her the news she was devastated and heartbroken she did not know what to do because after 8 hours of labor she couldn't comprehend what was happening around her, my dad tried to console her but to no avail. I guess after postpartum she was in an emotional state of mind.

When the team came with a cardiologist and other special nurses verse with this problem to take me away, my mom was distraught the doctors had to give her sedation to keep her quiet before they could take me away.
My mom discharge herself form the hospital the next day and rushed to where I was, when she arrived there, I had x-rays, echocardiogram, EKG, and a lot of blood test done on me to determine my prognosis. My parents were very scared they did not know what to expect, a couple of hours after a team of pediatric cardiologist came and gently reveal to my parents the test results. The doctor told them that I way a very sick baby, I was born with half of a heart, or single ventricle anatomy, the correct medical term Cyanotic Congenital Heart Disease. My parents were astounded because I have four other brothers and a sister at the time and they were all in perfect health, and believe me this was very shocking news to them, my parents started crying because they thought I was going to die. I was quite helpless at the time so I really was no help to them, when my parents came and look at me I was intubated (which means an oxygen tube was place in my mouth all the way down to my lungs) this machine were breathing for me, because there was not sufficient blood and oxygen moving around my body, I also had needles and machines hooked up to me. Boy I was a sight for sore eyes. I was on the 12th floor of the hospital called the Intensive Care Unit or NICU for short. My good and bad blood was mixing together and it was very bad for my health.

After numerous test carried out by the doctors, the surgeon came to my mom on the fourth day and told her that they were going to operate on me the next day. March 5th, 2001. They were going to place a Shunt know as the Blalock-Taussig (B-T-S is a piece of hard plastic tube that are connected to the arteries in my heart for the blood to flow well all over my body). My mom agreed and signs all the necessary papers for the surgery. They had to put me to sleep for this procedure so a team of anesthegeologist had to prepare me with the right amount of medicine to accomplish this task.

On March 8th, 2001, which is 5 days after my birth, the doctors took me to the Operating Room (OR) and after 5 long hours of surgery they were successful. I was taken back to the NICU for recovery, my parents never left my side 24/7. While recovering I started to get a lot of different type of infection in my blood as well as in my lungs and heart, I was running high fevers, a lot of different medication and antibiotic had to be administered on me, the doctors were very concerned because of my tremendous setback, a few days after I clotted my Shunt the doctors told my mom that because the Ductress was open I was able to survive, my mom decided to leave everything to fate and God's protection.

The doctors decided to do another surgery by placing a bigger Shunt to replace the first one, they had to go back where the first surgery was done and open it up. The second surgery was a success, while recovering with a lot of ups and down my heart started to accumulate fluid and this new development could be very detrimental to me, my mom was worried and helpless at the same time, she keep telling the doctors to drain the fluid from my lungs but they told her they were on top of it, she knew within her heart that something was not right, but no one was listening to her, they told her to go home and take a rest for she was very exhausted, with the help of dad she left for home. At around four in the morning a call came from the hospital to my parents that I had taken a turn for the worst, my parents rushed over, my mom did not have the courage to come and Look at me I had gone under Cardiac Arrest the fluid around my heart has drowned my heart completely I had a slim chance of survival. One of the night doctors a very experience one had made an incision in my chest and insert a tube that drain the fluid from around my heart. Could you imagine there was approximately over 1 liter of fluid around my heart isn't that awesome and no one detects that until I went under arrest. I started to get seizures because after no blood flow going to my brain I guess that was one of the side effects of heart failure. And to top of all this activity I clotted my second shunt, and once more because of the Ductress being open I was able to survive this nightmare for the second consecutive time. I believe this was one of God's Miracles. For some known reason he wanted me to be alive. I was very sick during this time the doctors told my parents I was in a critical state, I had a fifty fifty chance of survival.

For the last time the surgeon came and told my parents they have to do an Open Heart Surgery on me, they were going to place a bigger Shunt called the Central Shunt in my heart and in order to do this procedure they have to cut open my chest. This was the last and final operation the doctors said if this did not work nothing could be done again for me, because my heart wasn't like a normal baby's one and to do a heart transplant surgery was impossible. With no were to turn but the heavenly regions my parents agreed for the last surgery.

On 31st March 2001 I had my first Open Heart Surgery, it took a long time because I was put on the By-Pass Machine in order for the surgery to be performed. After the surgery I had a lot of bleeding issues so I had to remain in the OR for almost 10 hours, when the bleeding stop they brought me up to the NICU, my parents were very happy to just catch a glance of me, but a few minutes later disaster struck I went into cardiac arrest again,and this time for almost 45 minutes the doctors did not know what cause the heart failure, I guess this is it I am going to die now, the attending doctors open up my heart in the NICU, they went and told my mom this is it she have one last chance of seeing me before I was taken back to the OR, with tears streaming down my moms face she came and look at me, my heart was all open, very bloody it was an awful sight, my mom rushed out of the room very hysterical, doctors and nurses tried to console her but she wanted to be left alone. She was taken in a room by herself and with the Lord's Picture in her hand she went down on her knees and started praying for my life.

And miraculously my heart started beating again the doctors went and told my mom it was a real miracle but I was alive and they was going to take me back to OR to get my heart sewed. When my mom asked what happened they told her after surgery they closed my chest a bit to tight and that stop my heart from beating my mom was totally shocked and speechless she did not know what to say at the time, she just stood and look at me being taken away once more to the OR. She kept thanking God for my safe return over and over again. I was down in the OR for almost two hours until they were sure that I was stable before I was brought up to the NICU once more.

My recovery was very slow with lots and lots of different medication but thank the Lord there was no more clotting, and then bang I stated vomiting green I could not Poop and nothing was coming out from my intestines, the gastroenterologist were called in to examine me and take x-rays and tests. My new prognosis was that I had a Malrotation of my Intestine, my intestine were twisted around and the doctors had to do a surgery to fix it, and therefore I had to go in for yet another surgery. It had to be done or else I will die, my parents were very scared because with all the other issues they did not want to put me through yet another surgery, but it had to be done so one week after my open heart surgery I went in for the doctors to fix my guts, it was a scary procedure but hey who am I to say anything.

With this operation out of the way the doctors said it was up to me to make progress now. But God does work miracle, my progress was very slow but with the help of the doctors, nurses, who are Gods angels, the therapist and my parents I started to recuperate little by little everyday, I could not drink anything milk or formula I kept on vomiting everything I could not even drink milk from my mother's breast, this is where the doctors decided to put the NG Tube for me (it is a long piece of plastic tube that goes into my nose all the way down to my stomach) this is how I was fed by means of a pump that keep putting little bit of nutritious formula in me, but you better believe this I was even vomiting that little bit.

I had to be treated very delicately and be well taken care off. After months of recovery and treatment I was able to be taken home with my loving and devoted parents three (3) months after my birth, I was the happiest baby alive!

With lots and lots of therapist in my home everyday especially Ihor Shylansky, I was able to make slow progress. From 4 months to One year I started crawling, making soft noises, observing things, but no progress in eating anything, I was also unable to walk untill quite late. My parents were very patient with me because after my serious birth defects I had to be treated with special care. I also had to be hospitalized most of the time during my convalescence at home, because of numerous fever and other heart complication, I had to take a lot of different mediaction in order to survive my ordeal.

Please stay and look around my site I will give you detail on my health progress. I hope you enjoy the rest of my site.
Thank you for coming Shiva.

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This is my birth story: